Customer Reviews

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  • WA

    “You were very helpful throughout the whole process and made it very easy for us as a first time home buyer. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family if they decide to purchase a home. Thank you for everything. ”

  • RR

    “Thank you so much for the congratulations and all of your help in finding homeowner ‘s insurance. I greatly appreciate your assistance as a first time home buyer looking for the best rate, but great coverage. You were very thorough in explaining terms and aspects of coverage I was unfamiliar with. You made the process very easy for me. I will definitely refer you to anyone who has insurance needs. Thank you again! ”

  • CC

    “You were very easy to get a hold of and extremely responsive to questions and requests for quotes. You were able to find better coverage than we previously had for less money, which is fantastic! ”

  • SW

    “Angel is very knowledgeable about all types of insurance, and will get you the best coverage for the best rates!

  • JB

    “You explained every option and choice I had, in a manner which I understood. You took charge, got all documents where needed on time, and followed-up immediately. Great job. ”

  • EN

    “Angel provides well informed critical information in a very timely way to meet all of our homeowners insurance needs. I particularly appreciated that I could see everything in writing right away. It was actually good to need to sign about my decisions, helping us focus our decision making. Angel made an otherwise stressful time turn into a smooth transaction. ”

  • JA

    “It has always been a pleasure to work with Angel. She works hard to find the best insurance for you and your family and is upfront and honest if she doesn’t believe she can offer you the best. She is always easy to work with and very quick to respond. We have loved working with Angel and would recommend her to anyone! ”

  • HR

    “It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. As a first time home buyer, I had a lot of questions, I talked to a lot of people that I have never met and the entire process was exhausting. Angel, after speaking with you, I felt comfortable. I felt like things would be handled promptly and I wouldn’t have to worry about tying up lose ends. I was able to get my quote quickly and move along with the sale. I appreciate the time you took to get me the best possible policy. I look forward to working with you in the future and would recommend you to all my friends and family to help with their insurance needs.”

  • PD

    “I want to thank you very much for all the help you have given me. you have always got bak to me right away very polite and caring someone that sends me a bday card I feel is more like family then just a person working for me I will be sure to let anyone know who needs insurance angel camara is the way to go. ”

  • SA

    “You worked directly with my Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Agent to minimize work on my end of things. I am very pleased with the high level of service and will definitely recommend you to others.

  • LC

    “Thanks SO much you guys have been outstanding! I didn’t even know it was possible to brag about insurance agents… ”

  • JM

    “It was a joy to work with Angel during our home-buying experience. She continually provided us with the information we needed to move forward, and her pleasant and professional attitude made the process simple and enjoyable. ”

  • SB

    “The value in working with you was, I didn’t have to run around all over the place looking for the best deals on all my insurance needs to be able to purchase my new home and that was a major help to me since I am all by myself and did not have the time to do it.

    Thanks again Angel for the help that you and your staff did for me and if I know of anybody that needs any type of insurance, I will send them your way.

  • WT

    “I would be glad to refer anyone I know with insurance needs to you, I don’t have anyone at the moment in need but if I do I will be sure to send them your way. Thanks again for everything, it was very smooth and stress free. ”

  • AG

    “I enjoyed working with you. You were prompt in returning my calls and emails and you explained everything in a way I could understand. I like how I felt like a person and you respected what is important to me. My initial contact was for homeowner ‘s insurance, but I will be switching my auto and looking into my updating my life insurance. I feel like I have a companion watching my back. ”